Libya has great coffee

Posted: March 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Libya is a great place to get an espresso. That’s one of the few good things that the Italian colonial government left behind here (though it doesn’t make up for the genocidal campaign of forced migration, starvation, and disease that killed half of Cyrenaica’s population in the 1930s). And when your joe comes from an espresso machine with a rebel flag pasted on it, it tastes better.

At my hotel, the coffee comes in little paper cups with a logo that says “Coffee Tycoon.” Great name for a coffeehouse chain, no?

  1. Suliman Gaouda says:

    I Live in the UAE, and before that my family and i have lived in Canada. Now that were in the UAE we get to visit Libya more. One of my true joys of visiting Libya in the summer is the afternoon nap. After a big lunch of Macaroni or rice with some chicken or meat. You lay your head down and you know that when you wake up 2 hours later your gonna hit that coffee joint at the corner of the street for and espresso or “Mikyata” that just sets the mood right and you can go about doing what you’ve planed for the rest of the day.

    Ahh Libya.

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