Remember Bahrain!

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’m about to add another post from Libya.

But before I do: The uprisings in Libya, Yemen, and Syria are overshadowing a violent crackdown by the government of Bahrain on that country’s peaceful protesters.

Libya was an “easy” consensus for the Western powers: it wasn’t hard to agree that Qaddafi is distasteful and worth getting rid of. But in Washington, London, and Brussels, Bahrain is a thornier case, to which Western. There’s an American military base there, and the United States’ oil-producing GCC allies — especially Saudi Arabia — desperately fear the emergence of democracy in Bahrain. So Western governments have been happy to turn a blind eye as GCC countries have sent troops to help the Al Khalifah regime quash dissent. It helps that the Al Khalifah are blaming the uprising on Iran.

From the BBC:

March 20: “Bahrain unrest: Outspoken blogger forced into hiding”

March 23: “EU envoy defends Bahrain police amid unrest”

Please follow events in Bahrain, pressure your government not to support the government crackdown, and check out this site:

“Distress Calls from Bahrain: A Facebook Documentary.”

  1. What makes you so certain that the Bahraini protesters aren’t Iranian Qods force tools?

    KSA can’t tolerate a Shiite uprising, on either side of the Causeway.

    • ryanmcalder says:

      1. To your point about Bahraini protesters being Iranian Qods tools: I talked to them. And to knowledgeable journalists and academics in Bahrain.

      There are more than enough reasons for ordinary Bahrainis to rise up against their government. Conspiracy theories are not in themselves inherently incorrect — sometimes they have a grain of truth. But I, for one, believe we should start with more obvious explanations and work from there.

      2. Re KSA: Yes, you’re right.

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