A cat and a truck in Ajdabiyah (photo shoot)

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

I was driving back from the west gate of Ajdabiyah, where opposition forces were trading Grad rocket fire with Gaddafi’s forces to the west, when I saw a bombed-out upside-down pickup truck by the side of the road. It was probably a truck from Gaddafi’s militias that had been hit by a Coalition air strike.

There are countless bombed-out vehicles lining the road to the front. But for some reason that I can’t explain, I decided to pull over and check this one out.

Hanging out underneath the truck was a cat, nibbling on a few crusts of bread.

The cat let me do a photo shoot.

The thud of rockets in the background didn’t seem to bother it.















(for Maia)

  1. […] deixar a cidade de Ajdabiyah, onde as forças leais a Khadafi e os rebeldes combatem, Ryan Calder decidiu fotografar um camião destruído por um dos muitos bombardeamentos; nele encontrou um gato que não se […]

  2. David says:

    Another “Cats of War”. Real this time.

  3. Francisco Jorge says:

    wonderful, brave cat! why are not men positive soldiers of peace against all wars?

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